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Life can be difficult through the different seasons of life. Grief, Depression, Addiction, Social Skills, Communication, Parenting, Dating, Marriage and other issues seem to come up out of nowhere or we have just chosen to stuff the issues because we didn’t know how to deal with them and now we cannot manage it anymore. We offer professionally competent and Biblically sound counseling for those that maybe struggling or just feel that something may just not be right. Reaching out for help is hard and telling your life story to someone you don’t even know can be scary and we understand that. We encourage you take a step in faith and ask for the help you need. Counseling is a safe and confidential place to process life’s trials, stresses, and hurts.

We have different options in counseling for Individuals and Couples. You can have weekly or biweekly counseling for issues or we offer Intensives (half and full day) for couples and individuals. For more information about Intensives please click on the link for Intensives.

Choosing a Counselor

The counselors of the FBC Cameron Counseling Center are qualified in individual and couple counseling. If further specialty counseling is required, our pastors can recommend and provide guidance in that direction too. If you would like further information, our administrative staff will help you.

Visit our team page: Meet the Pastor

Scheduling an Appointment

When you call to make an appointment, we will ask for basic information and then we will send you an email with directions of how to log into our patient portal. This email will include your User ID and password. Please click on Patient Sign-in and enter your User ID and password provided. This will allow you to fill out the remaining information we need for your appointment including your adult intake form(s) and consent(s). If you are wanting counseling for your child, please fill out the Family Inquiry Form and our family administrator will contact you. Thank you for your cooperation to help us serve you with more efficiency.

Schedule an appointment: 254.697.6477


Counseling services are offered to First Baptist Church Cameron members and their families at the reduced rate of $50 per session. Non-members are charged $100 for each session. All counselees who receive testing or who require reports or court testimony are charged additional fees for these services. Sessions are 45 minutes in length. We accept cash, check, or credit/debit.